Basic information

TESLA STROPKOV, joint-stock company, is registered in  Register of Business Names of  Discrict Court in Prešov, section: Sa, inlay no. 21/P.

Contact details

Executive management

Size of company

Business name: TESLA STROPKOV, joint-stock company
Site: Hviezdoslavova 37/46
091 12 Stropkov
IČO: 00474339
DIČ: 2020526277
General director: Ing. Daniel Roth
Economical director: Ing. Jaromír Žak
Production director: Ing. Jozef Uhrín
Business director: Ing. Michal Kočan
Technical director: Ing. Vladimír Kačur
Area: 127 575 m2
Bouldings: 30 552 m2
Manufacture area: 17 581 m2
Stocks: 7 155 m2
Number of employees 775